About Me

After years of struggling, I decided that my disability and chronic pain would no longer hold me down, and even though I was not able to hold down a traditional job, I desired to use my creativity to help provide for my family, while at the same time giving back to my community! That is how Attitude Apparel was born.

When started, Attitude Apparel was focused on unique novelty apparel in the belief that sometimes what life needs is a little sarcasm, a touch of humor and a splash of sass. The designs celebrated diversity and longing for the day when all would be accepted exactly as they are. Since that time, we have grown as a custom apparel and gift provider, working with area small businesses, non-profits and artists to get their vision out into the world and onto the backs of those in their communities. We have no desire to compete with the larger firms, our main customers are those who are looking for No Minimums/Low Quantity orders of custom apparel at an affordable price.

We customize our quotes directly to the needs of the individual client, based on their need and budgetary restrictions. If there is something special that you want, whether a single tee or a bulk order and whether you want us to provide you the merchandise up front, or you would like for us to set up an online store where your family, friends or customers can go to purchase the products directly, drop us a line.

Whether your fur baby's face or your company logo... we can make it happen at a price that you can afford!

Email us directly at: orders@southernsass.life and let us know how we can help!